adult students:

1) Mike is an amazing teacher, honestly he is the teacher any guitar student should be looking for. He is patient and listens to youR opinion. he’s trulY amazing!!



2) I’ve been taking lessons with Mike for a few months now. I haven’t played guitar in over 15 years so I was a little nervous getting back into it. Mike was super cool and patient with me. He’s encouraging and a real rockstar of a teacher. We have a blast during lessons. Thanks again for helping me rediscover my love of playing music!


~~ ALANNA ~~

3) Mike is an incredibly patient teacher. He not only teaches you how to strum and make new chords. He teaches you music theory which is also extremely valuable especially if you want to make progress.

I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in taking lessons. He is extremely motivating!!


~~ Martin ~~

4) Great learning from Mike. A Brilliant musician that as a teacher is helping me to improve day by day as a musician. IT's a blessing to have you as part of the journey. Thank you so much, you are great Mike, all the BEST for you!


~~ SERGIO ~~

5) I've been looking for a teacher to teach me spanish guitar after becoming an avid fan of Rodrigo and Gabriela. After meeting Mike, I've found the perfect teacher. He knows what I'm looking for and caters to my specific needs. He's created a lesson plan to suit my goals and I couldn't be happier. If you've ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, stop what you're doing and reach out to Mike. This guy will take care of you.


~~ PETER ~~

6) Best guitar teacher in New York area, accommodating to students of all levels, saw a young girl, who was an absolute beginner, play a tune within a few minutes.


~~ evan ~~

families taking lessons together:

7) Mike is amazing. My 4 year old and I are taking classes together. Mike has such patience with us and explains everything very through. Highly recommended and talented.


~~ lienuks, mom ~~

8) I'm currently taking lessons with my 11 year old grandson. Mike is a great teacher! He is patient and encourages you while you learn. My grandson is motivated to keep playing and is eager to learn. I highly recommend him as an instructor !!


~~Ivonne, grandmother ~~

9) I have been taking lessons with My 7 and 9 year old son. Mike is very caring and aware of how everyone is doing during the lessons and is able to change the lessons to work with our different personalities (and attention spans)! We have only had 4 lessons but we can already play a couple of songs!



~~LEIGH, grandmother ~~

10) Mike is patient and kind. My daughter (and I) have enjoyed working with him.


~~AMY, mother ~~


11) Mike has been a very patient and kind teacher to my almost 4yr old daughter. It’s a tough age to keep attention spans and he manages it with grace and ease. We’re very happy we started our guitar journey with “Mr. Mike”!


~~ Mary ~~

12) Mr. Mike has been very kind, patient and accommodating with our small but mighty almost four year old, and weekly class is always a highlight of the week! 


~~ Cara ~~


13) My 9 year old son started taking guitar lessons with Mike and he has learned so much already. I like that Mike teaches him how to read music and not just how to play a song. My son has ADHD but Mike is great at keeping him focused and interested so that he can learn. I would highly recommend Mike for guitar lessons.


~~ danette ~~

14) Mike has been teaching my 9 year old and 7 year old for approximately a year now. He is super patient, kind and good at what he does. My boys have learned to play the guitar and sing along. It's a fun activity for them and in making it fun they are learning. They look forward to his class and comes out happy! I highly and gladly recommend Mike for guitar lessons!


~~ meera ~~

15) Mike has been working with my 14 year old son for a couple of months. He is warm, friendly and encouraging. My son loves his lessons and is enjoying learning the songs that he wants to play. I highly recommend Mike for guitar lessons.


~~ claire ~~

16) Mike has been a great teacher for my 6yo son who asked for guitar lessons. Mike is fun, has an approach appropriate for children, and is teaching him the fundamentals of music and guitar, not just a song. My son likes him because he’s young, but experienced, & he knows current trends in pop music and artists that my son requests. With a busy family life it is a huge bonus that Mike comes to us, which allows for my son to get homework done and have some downtime at home after school as opposed to commuting to another activity.


 ~~ gretchen ~~

17) My 7 year old son really enjoys guitar lessons with Mr. Mike. He is very talented and patient and I see huge improvements after only 5 lessons. 
I asked my son which package should I purchase next, 5 lessons or 10 lessons? His response was: “Of course 10 lessons, I love my Friday classes with Mr. Mike”


~~ Olga ~~

18) Mike is an amazing teacher. He is kind and patient. My daughter, Milani has learned a lot in only 3 lessons. She looks forward to her lesson each week. I'm glad we found Mike!


~~ DEBBIE ~~

19) My son is taking Guitar Lessons with Mike. Mike is a super energetic and talented professional who truly loves his profession. He is a dedicated teacher who works so patiently with my son to learn the guitar. I highly recommend him!


~~ ANNA ~~



~~ LENA ~~


21) Mike is wonderful! He has a TON of patience with my 7 & 11 year old daughters. He comes to our home and even got a small guitar for my 7 year old! I see a lot of progress and we are only lesson 7! Highly recommend him, especially for kids!


~~ yitzchak ~~

22) My 8 year old son decided one day he wanted to become a “heavy metal rockstar.” I tried a few leads from friends about guitar teachers, but they all said that either (1) I don’t really do rock, or something to the extent of (2) before you can do that kind of music, you need to start with the basics, acoustic guitar and need to be able to read music. Now, my son, I think like most modern 8 year olds, doesn’t have the adult-level patience to wait until he “gets good enough” to play the music that inspires him. It seemed like another of my son’s unrealistic fantasies (as in, "Nooo dad, I wanted a REAL light saber!") Then I was fortunate enough to be connected with the Guitar Guide Guru himself, Mike. I waited for him to laugh when we first spoke by phone when I told him that I was looking for a “heavy metal teacher.” But he was unphased. He said “of course we can do that! I don’t know how anybody can learn something they don’t want to learn.” And Mike really delivered! Almost on the first lesson, my son was playing the rough basics of AC/DC’s Back in Black! After 10 lessons, my son was taking his electric guitar to his day camp every day to play for his friends. I should say, my son had never played guitar at all before and I wasn’t even sure he would have the patience for a 30 min lesson. But Mike was so engaging and patient and really up for whatever challenge my son wanted, that he was able to do weekly hour-long lessons. I recommend Mike without hesitation for any child, he can work wonders.






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